Sand and Rock

A commentary on play and creativity. Inspired by Global School Play Day.gspd1.png


4 thoughts on “Sand and Rock

    • Thank you! It sort of “unrolled” as it went along… I was aiming for a comic at first, but the message was much too big to fit in a few pages. Whatever came out of it, I definitely did not plan from the beginning. I guess a lot of art is accidental.


  1. This is really special for me to read and see. It is a unique approach to blogging, bordering on graphic novel, with the feeling of a paper scroll of old, the message unfurling bit by bit. I appreciate how the form of the composition follows the function of the message. When we came up with Global School Play Day we thought it would be awesome if 1,000 kids joined in – amazing to see almost 400,000 worldwide jump in this year with a growing interest in making sure high schoolers don’t get left off the play bus, because 9-12 needs play too. Thank you for creating and sharing this.


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